YRC Tracking

YRC Tracking Advantages

Since YRC uses the most advanced information technologies, using the YRC Tracking tools are easy and convenient. YRC provides seamless transportation throughout all 50 states including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam, the U.S. Virgin Island and Puerto Rico as well as overseas and off-shore destinations. With expedited and guaranteed deliveries by ground or air with their convenient YRC Time-Critical service, shipping time sensitive goods overseas is just as easy as it is to send it across the country.

When you are ready to send your next shipment, there are many ways that you can get a quote:

Visit the YRC website and click on “Rate Quote”; fill in the information and within a couple of seconds you will have your quote. Use the browser on your mobile phone (must be: iPhone iOS 3.2 or higher, Android Platform Version 2.1 API Level7 or Blackberry v4.6). Or by calling their toll free customer support team at 800-610-6500.

Use the electronic data interchange (EDI) to help you manage your transportation processes. Using this system helps save time and the personnel required to complete order entries. All documents are processed electronically and accurately thus reducing processing time and the number of staff needed to complete each document. Data integration keeps you ahead of your shipments by:

-Allowing supply chain visibility
-Vendor compliance metrics
-Internal process automation
-Delivers world class service
-Controls inventory and reduction
-Data mining and analysis

Utilizing the electronic bill of lading data integration feature offered by YRC will help the company schedule pickups and gives them advanced visibility of the shipment. This allows the company to plan and time loads. Outside of that, there are other advantages to utilizing the electronic bill of lading system:

Each bill of lading gets its own tracking number. This helps with customer service and accounting.
-Keystroke errors are eliminated.
-Improves accuracy of order numbers.
-The audit process is more efficient because freight invoice errors are reduced.
-Trailers can be processed faster.

If you are on the go and away from your computer, you can now use your mobile device to track your shipment anytime and anywhere just by entering your PRO, BOL or PO number. You can also get service alerts sent directly to your mobile phone, that way you always know if there has been an unforeseen problem with your shipment.

Utilizing all the great features of the YRC Tracking system allows you to stay ahead of the game and keeps your shipments visible from their origin to their final destination.