Yellow Freight Tracking

When it comes to moving cargo across the United States, consumers have many choices. From prices, delivery dates and packaging it is easy to get confused with options. With Yellow Freight, you can simplify the process and be assured that your shipment when get delivered safe and sound. YRC doesn’t just stop once your shipment is on the road, you can use the Yellow Freight Tracking system that they have in place to manage and control every aspect of the shipping process from beginning to end. Thanks to their advanced information technologies and proactive customer service.

Managing your shipments is easy with Yellow Freight Tracking

This can be accomplished in a variety of methods for ease of access.

  • Via the YRC website
  • Via your mobile phone (iPhone iOS 3.2, Android Platform Version 2.1 API Level 7 or Blackberry v4.6 only)
  • Via their voice response telephone system
  • Via live chat

What is the cost of Yellow Freight Tracking?

Yellow Freight Tracking

Yellow Freight Tracking Review

Finding out how much your shipment is going to cost you is simple. You can go to the YRC website and click “Rate Quote” and after entering all the information, receive a quote in a couple of minutes. This can also be accomplished by using the browser on your phone. After obtaining the quote, you can go ahead and schedule pickup and create a bill of lading electronically. This will automatically give you a tracking (PRO) number so you can track your shipment from loading to unloading.

YRC offers an electronic data interchange, or EDI, to help you do business more efficiently. An EDI allows a way to transmit data from one computer to another without having to retype the data. The end result is more efficient and effective business transactions. To begin using the EDI with YRC, you must go to the website and fill out a Trading Partner Profile, or TPP. This provides an YRC analyst all the information needed to exchange important information from their servers to you.

Utilizing the Bill of Lading data integration will reduce the time it takes to schedule, bill for and process trailers as quickly as possible and with as little manpower as possible. The electronic bill of lading:

  1. Electronically schedule pickup
  2. Assigns the shipment a tracking number
  3. Reduces freight invoicing errors
  4. The consignees can close out PO numbers sooner
  5. Reduces transit time for your goods
  6. Gives YRC advance notice of your shipment
  7. Reduces the risk of keystroke errors

The Yellow Freight Tracking system allows you and YRC to schedule, ship, process and close out shipments faster than ever before. Whether you are in your office, at home or on the go, YRC has a way for you to schedule, track and manage your shipments. Use YRC the next time you need to send a shipment to get a full-service shipping experience.