International Freight Shipping Companies

When you are moving or sending things overseas, international freight forwarders are the only ones that can help you get what you need where you need it to go. International freight is not only complicated by distance, water and borders but also by regulations, taxes and fees. International freight forwarders have contracts with various landing sites and know exactly what you will owe no matter where you are going.

This means no surprise bills once you get somewhere. You know what your cost will be and you can ensure the safe passage of your items. This can be very helpful when you travel, especially if you like to buy things abroad. While many companies offer shipping, you can work your shipping on your own if you have done your homework when it comes to international freight options.

Companies to Use


Many companies exist that can send loads via truck, ocean or air. Sometimes you may even need a combination of transportation services in order to get to your final destination and these companies can work with that. Yellow Freight, ExFreight, YRC and Serra International are some of the best known. Importers and exporters in many different locations use these companies to ship items often, but they also do single job work for people moving overseas or for smaller freight needs. You can do your research online about all these different freight brokers and you can find out how they work and what the time frame is for getting the stuff you need where you need it to go.

How International Freight Forwarders Figure it Out

In order to save money, freight forwarders often give you a window of delivery. This is because they need to find the most cost effective way to move goods from one place to another which means filing up the boat or plane in the best way possible. There are all sorts of freight broker software programs that can help them design the layout for carrying the weight and maximizing the space.

Ships are some of the most complicated. Not because of the weighting or the stacking needs but also making sure they are efficient when they pull into port. You don’t want to have to get somewhere and unbury something at the bottom and replace everything that was on the top. Ship stacking is the ultimate game of Tetris and the software helps the managers come up with the best solutions.

How to Connect

You can place a call to any number of international freight forwarders to find out their requirements, where they ship to and what size loads they deal with. From there you can get a quote. You will need to know approximately how much stuff you have and have some sort of estimate on weight in order to get the most accurate quote possible. Some companies will offer discounts if you join or start an instant pay account. This allows them to ensure you will pay your bill on time which saves them time and money in the invoicing process. This can often be worth up to a 15% discount off your total bill. If you are starting a business where you will be working with international freight often, it is very worth it to get the account going as you will save tons of money over the year.

Shopping Around For The Best Freight Shipping Company

You may wish to get quotes from a few different international freight forwarders as you never know who might come in as less expensive. Sometimes the price is lower because the window of delivery is larger. If your freight needs allow for this, it can save you money in the long run. The more specific your shipping time, the more costly the shipping will be. Make sure you price the product from place to place. Unless you can go to the port or have your own trucking company, you will often want to run part of your shipping needs on land as well in order to get it from door to door.

International shipping is complicated, but international freight forwarders take the guess work out of the process. Working with professionals helps you know that your items will be secure and that you product will get where it needs to go.