A In Depth View Of Once Of America’s Pioneers – YRC

Yellow freight (YF) is the over-the-road trucking division of Yellow Transportation. YF was originally created in the 1920’s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This first incarnation of the company focused on local and regional deliveries with cabs.

In the 1950’s the company restructured for under the guidance of George Powell. During this period, YF basically invented the trucking industry with freight delivery. Small package deliveries boomed all across the United States and YF was at the forefront of this era. Today, the transportation industry is the second largest in the United States. Yellow Trucking, played a vital role in laying the foundation for the entire industry.

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YF are known for their outstanding customer service department and their commitment to improving safety on the road. The American Trucking Association have recognized this and awarded the with their top ‘President’s Award Trophy’ for improving highway safety.

From planning routes for long hauls across North America to regional overnight expedited deliveries- YF have been delivering for their customers for over 80 years. They quickly built a reputation for their reliable full service network of freight solutions.

YRC Has Had It’s Share Of Downs As Well

They YF company has not been without it’s rough patches though. As with most companies that have been involved in multiple mergers, they are teetered on the brink of bankruptcy a few times. Most recently, in early 2011 when they almost filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. The company had to renegotiate with the union in order to offload some debt and they successfully avoided a complete liquidation of their assets.

The company is not completely out of the dark just yet but investors have started to come back around. They are counting on Yellow Trucking to successfully restructure its balance sheet and thus be able to raise the necessary liquidity. Their stock is on the rise as most industry experts expect this to happen by early 2012. The main reason the stock future looks good for them is that they have a massive amount potential to quickly generate cash.

YRC Tracking Technology

YRC tracking offers a highly developed and useful tracking system that allows customers to check the status of their package. On the official Web site of the YRC Freight Company, customers can use the reliable E-tracking service by entering the PRO Number of the package as well as a Notification/Document in order to complete the request. After that, an e-mail address is required and the information regarding the package is then sent to that particular address.

This way, the customers can constantly check the delivery status. Besides using the PRO Number, the customers have other options to track their shipments: they can track their packages by using the booking number request, the bill of landing or by the load number. Regardless which way they choose, the tracking process is done in a quick and reliable manner.

The YRC tracking system is not the only one that makes YRC Freight a trustworthy company. The company is also known for the wide variety of specialized services that it offers. Amongst these services, there is the Sealed Divider (regarding shipment protection for highly expensive packages) or the Freeze Protection Service which is especially designed for packages which are sensitive to cold. In addition, YRC Freight is also committed to safely transporting hazardous materials and chemicals.

Amongst the areas that YRC Freight covers, there is Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and the National LTl which covers North America. The purpose of YRC Freight is to provide quality services with a minimum of hassle and effort from the customer.

The customer support team is formed of professionals that are always ready to help and provide answers. With the Live Chat service, customers can ask questions and obtained the answers they need in real time, without having to wait hours or days for their e-mails to be replied.

YF is undoubtedly one of the most known companies in the transportation industry, serving a wide variety of areas all across the globe. It managed to gain and maintain the respect and confidence of its customers by providing high-quality services throughout the 88 years of existance. The company offers a range of transportation services and it is known for promptly delivering the time-sensitive packages. It has a very complex network in North America that offers local, national and international transportation services.

Their freight division is the biggest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide and it received a variety of awards as well as certifications for the very appreciated services that it offers. It is a company with tradition in the field of transportation. The awards won by YRC truck drivers at the National Championships or the Kaizen Challenge Award are only two of the many awards that the company managed to obtain in the past several years.

With regards to trucking careers, the company is constantly looking for professional, dedicated drivers that fully understand the importance of prompt package delivering. With a very motivational annual salary for its line-haul drivers and not only, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve its services and create better conditions for its employees. Moreover, employee diversity is also highly encouraged. Yellow Freight offers not only well-paid driving jobs but also very convenient career paths with commercial testing and opportunities which include reliable health and life insurances for the employees, as well as a series of other benefits.